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Our Cooperation Partners

Strong partners, good team work

Vier Personen sitzen in einem Besprechungsraum an einem Tisch, ein Mann redet, die anderen drei schauen ihn an.

Overview of Our Partners

Our network is your advantage

The digitalization of hospital processes is not only complex, it also largely team work. At BEWATEC, we realized this early on. This is why agile partnerships play an important part for us in the development of flexible solutions.

BEWATEC Third Party Partner | OrgaCard FirmengebĂ€ude von außen

OrgaCard Siemantel & Alt GmbH

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Recare Deutschland GmbH

BEWATEC Third Party Partner | Ärztin sitzt am Computer und nutzt die samedi Patientenkoordination

samedi GmbH

Illustration eines Netzwerks in dunkelblau und cyan

Schyns Medizintechnik GmbH

BEWATEC Third Party Partner | dunkelblauer Hintergrund mit vielen sharemagazines Logos

sharemagazines GmbH

BEWATEC Partner, Skoobe, junge Frau trinkt Kaffee und liest eBook auf Tablet

Skoobe GmbH

BEWATEC Third Party Partner | Sky Deutschland, FirmengebÀude mit Plakaten zu Sky Cinema

Sky Deutschland Fernsehen GmbH & Co. KG

Illustration eines Netzwerks in dunkelblau und cyan

Stiegelmeyer GmbH & Co. KG

BEWATEC Third Party Partner | Thieme Compliance, Collage: Ärzte kommunizieren mit Patient:innen mit Tablet in Hand mit Netzwerkhintergrund

Thieme Compliance GmbH

Illustration eines Netzwerks in dunkelblau und cyan


Illustration eines Netzwerks in dunkelblau und cyan


BEWATEC Third Party Partner | Vidatak Illustration, Patient liegt im Krankenhausbett mit SchlÀuchen im Mund und Laptop in der Hand, neben ihm steht eine Krankenschwester.


BEWATEC Partner, VIRTUAL TWINS | Grafik von einem Krankenhaus mit Indoor-Navigation


Illustration eines Netzwerks in dunkelblau und cyan

Völker GmbH 

Illustration eines Netzwerks in dunkelblau und cyan

WISI Communications GmbH & Co. KG

Quotes from Partners

What our partners say

„Our aim is to implement a secure and comprehensive networking solution for hospitals together with BEWATEC for the benefit of the patients.“

Katrin Keller

Founder / Managing Director, samedi GmbH

„We were particularly impressed with the flexibility of BEWATEC.ConnectedCare in the context of connecting further services.“

Maximilian Greschke

CEO, Recare

„Various types of information, such as location parameters or treatment-relevant data, can be transmitted via BEWATEC.ConnectedCare, which takes the burden off the nursing staff in the long term.“

Julian Nast-Kolb

CEO, Cliniserve

Support for Partners

The MyBEWATEC partner portal

In the MyBEWATEC portal, partners find marketing materials, product data sheets, ConnectedCare DeviceManagement, and a direct line to the support team.

How to contact us

Become a BEWATEC partner

Do you offer solutions or services that assist communication in hospitals? Are you interested in selling BEWATEC products? Are you looking for a partner to complete your solution portfolio? Get in touch with us! With us at your side, your solutions will reach the hospital.

BEWATEC, Nedret Akcaoglu, Head of Business Development

Nedret Akcaoglu

Chief Business Development Officer


+49 2504 7337-325


BEWATEC, Eva-Catharina VoßfĂ€nger, Head of Sales

Eva-Catharina VoßfĂ€nger

Head of Sales