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BEWATEC Hardware

Bedside terminals from the market leader

Älterer Patient im Krankenhausbett bedient lachend das BEWATEC Tablet und hält ein Glas Wasser in der Hand

Your Advantages

Patient entertainment and TV at the hospital bed

We can do that and much more! The BEWATEC tablets provide hospitals with a flexible input and output medium for all patient-oriented services. Television, VideoVisit, meal ordering, or patient requests: Hospitals can configure the bedside terminals to suit their requirements.

Entflammbar-Zeichen und Spender für Desinfektionsmittel

Hygiene and fire prevention

BEWATEC tablets meet all hospital requirements with regard to device safety.

Schutzschild mit blauem Haken

Data protection and IT security

With BEWATEC tablets, hospitals are on the safe side. Patient data are securely protected.

Person mit blauen Sternen

25 years of experience

Tried and tested in hospitals: A quarter century of industry experience goes into our tablets.

Bildschirm mit Zahnrad und sich öffnender Kette

Free choice of hardware

BEWATEC tablets, iPads, and other devices – hospitals are flexible in their choice of patient terminals.

The First Choice At the Patient’s Bed

BEWATEC tablet

With more than 300,000 BEWATEC tablets in use, we are the market leader in the field of bedside terminals. Durable, robust, and easy to use: Our 13" and 16" tablets have everything that patients and nursing staff expect from a patient terminal.

Bedside Terminal BEWATEC.Tablet 13SF
BEWATEC.Tablet 13SF and 16SF
Bedside Terminal BEWATEC.Tablet 13SF, schräg rechts
BEWATEC.Tablet 13SF and 16SF
Bedside Terminal BEWATEC.Tablet 13SF, schräg links
BEWATEC.Tablet 13SF and 16SF

Durable. Flexible. Convenient.

BEWATEC mounts

Whether it’s a wall-mount arm, a ceiling-mount arm, or a bedside table mount, BEWATEC mounts are developed especially for everyday use in the hospital – for patients and hospital staff alike.


BEWATEC.Nachttischschwenkarm GFK mit BEWATEC Tablet
BEWATEC.BedsidetableMount GFK: TÜV-certified and compatible with all common bedside tables: The swivel arm GFK is flexible, robust, and inexpensive.
BEWATEC.Nachttischschwenkarm S mit BEWATEC Tablet
BEWATEC.BedsidetableMount S: Based on the GFK model, the bedside table mount S is also adjustable in height and offers greater flexibility to your patients.
BEWATEC.Wandarm 500 mit BEWATEC Tablet
BEWATEC.WallArm 500: The all-rounder. No matter how patients use the wall-mounted arm – whether they are pulling, pushing, tilting, or twisting it – the mounted patient terminal is always in the perfect position.
BEWATEC.Wandarm 500+ mit BEWATEC Tablet
BEWATEC.WallArm 500 plus: Thanks to its swivel joints and their individual configuration for special room conditions, the WallMount.Arm 500 plus is a flexible solution for almost every patient room.
BEWATEC Tablet Halterung Deckenarm 2000
BEWATEC.CeilingArm 2000: Extra-long range – With its three joints, the arm can extend up to 1.9 meters into the room. It is also perfectly suited for use in fully-equipped hospital rooms.
BEWATEC.Komforthalter iPad am Krankenhausnachttisch
BEWATEC.SafeHolder iPad: For the Apple experience at the patient’s bed. The mount was developed especially for using an iPad in the hospital. The magnetic fixation offers patients maximum flexibility.

Simple. Hygienic. Robust.

BEWATEC phones

BEWATEC phones were developed specifically for day-to-day hospital life. They allow patients to easily stay in touch with their loved ones.

BEWATEC.Phone 6SF: Straightforward phone calls for people of all ages – The BEWATEC.Phone 6SF expands the scope of functions of the BEWATEC tablets.
BEWATEC.Phone 7SF: Its integrated keyboard offers patients a convenient and safe environment for making phone calls.

BEWATEC.ConnectedCare Software

Your platform at the patient’s bed

BEWATEC.ConnectedCare connects nursing staff and patients – for better communication, more efficient processes, and easier everyday hospital routines.

Mobile Devices

Free choice of hardware

Different hospitals have different requirements: With BEWATEC, hospitals are flexible when it comes to choosing their patient terminals. BEWATEC tablets, iPads, and other devices? The BEWATEC.ConnectedCare software works independently of the output medium.

Patientenentertainment: Alterer Patient liegt im Krankenhausbett und liest auf dem iPad

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Video mobile devices EN

BEWATEC Project Management

From kick-off to go-live

Our aim is that hospitals and their staff enjoy the solutions from BEWATEC. This is why our project management supports hospitals in every project phase, from planning and implementation and all the way to acceptance. Take a look at our references and see for yourself!

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Quick assistance with your problem

Has the software update on a tablet got stuck or would you like to configure a module? Our support team is ready to help with all customer concerns on the hospital side. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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How to contact us

Get in touch with us!

Would you like to learn more about BEWATEC tablets, mounts, or phones? Our Sales team will be happy to answer your questions and concerns!

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